Tickenham Church of England Primary School

Tickenham Church of England Primary School

Science @ Tickenham

Science Intent Statement

At Tickenham, we seek to extend children’s natural curiosity and eagerness to ask questions about the world, enabling them to develop and evaluate explanations through experimental evidence and modelling. Team work, independence and inventiveness are embedded in our learning and are key attributes for today’s scientists. 

It is our intention to recognise the importance of science in every aspect of daily life. The science curriculum at Tickenham is focussed on increasing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of our world, and with developing skills associated with science as a process of enquiry. It will develop the natural curiosity of the child, encourage respect for living organisms and the physical environment and provide opportunities for critical evaluation of evidence. Our science curriculum develops learning and results in the acquisition of knowledge and enables children to become enquiry based learners. 

Science Implementation Statement

Science has an important part to play as part of a broad, balanced and coherent curriculum to which all children are entitled. We closely follow the National Curriculum (2014). Science is taught through unit blocks linked to our Discovery Curriculum with cross curricular links planned to achieve a holistic approach and maximise curriculum coverage. When it is not possible to make meaningful links to the topic, then science may be taught as a stand-alone unit of lessons. Wherever possible, science is linked to real life questions and problems so that their learning is given purpose and context. 

At Tickenham, we plan for first hand experiences of science learning through fun investigations and an enquiry based approach which enables children to ask questions and make their own suggestions. Through trips and visits we utilise our local area, for example; We the Curious, Bristol Aquarium, Explorer Dome and Life Skills where the children have the opportunity to meet with experts who share their passion for the subject. Our teaching encourages open-mindedness, self-assessment, resilience and develops the key scientific skills including: observing, measuring, predicting, hypothesising, experimenting, communicating, interpreting, explaining and evaluating. 

Science Impact Statement

To fulfil our vision of inspiring a generation, a Tickenham scientist is equipped with the scientific skills and knowledge which will enable them to be ready for the secondary curriculum and life as an adult in the wider world. The fun, engaging, high quality science education provides children with the foundations for understanding the world. The children are able to ask scientific questions and choose ways to find the answers. Outcomes in photos of practical investigations, discussions, presentations and work in books evidences the broad and balanced science curriculum. Through various workshops, trips and interactions with experts our science curriculum will lead pupils to be enthusiastic science learners and understand that science has changed our lives and that it is vital to the world’s future prosperity. We want to empower our children so they understand that they have the capability to change the world.  

Progression of Skills Science