Tickenham Church of England Primary School

Tickenham Church of England Primary School

School Aims and Mission

The following give an indication of the aims of our school, as well as how we hope to achieve them:

We aim for all learners to have the skills to work collaboratively, be resourceful, reflective, independent, motivated learners. We aim for all learners to have the life skills necessary to succeed in today’s world.

We will do this by encouraging self-confidence and the ability to make decisions. We will create a happy, friendly, stimulating working atmosphere. We will provide well planned, creative and experiential learning experiences that will be matched to the individual strengths and needs of the children. We will provide opportunities, through an exciting and engaging curriculum, to develop skills for life. Through the use of ‘Learning Gems’ we will develop key skills for learning, which can be transferred to new learning experiences. Our 'Learning Gem's provide the metacognitive pedagogy for our teaching and learning. 

We aim for everyone to have high expectations in order to achieve in all areas.

We will celebrate all types of achievements so that everybody experiences the fulfilment of personal and shared success.

We aim for all learners to be independent, confident individuals with high self-esteem.

We will create opportunities for everyone to express their feelings and needs. We will involve children and all members of the school community in making decisions about how we work together. 'Community Cohesion' has remained a priority for us for the last two academic years. We value this partnership very highly. 

We aim for everyone to have a high sense of respect and responsibility for themselves and others.

We will ensure that everyone has access to equal opportunities. We will expect sensitivity, acceptance to others and good manners.

We aim for all learners to feel a part of the community and contribute to it.

We will integrate village, church, school life and the wider community. We will continue to foster links with other schools, locally and internationally. We will provide opportunities for children to learn about and care for others beyond our school community. Through our work with the Global Goals we will ensure an increased awareness and responsibility for our environment, appreciating and understanding local and global issues. We have three 'Global Goals Reps' who take responsibility for leading the school forward in this area, raising awareness and also fundraising. 

We aim for everyone to understand our Christian ethos and respect the beliefs and culture of others.

We will nurture children’s spiritual development through everything we do. Our Christian Values are now fully embedded in all we do, which creates a very strong ethos within our school, felt from the moment you enter. 

We aim for all members of the school community to develop a healthy and safe lifestyle.

We will provide support and opportunities through ‘Healthy Schools’, through the use of a positive behaviour and reward system and by developing high quality personal and social skills. 

We aim to provide a happy, safe and secure environment in which children feel comfortable in their learning and safe to share their opinions and concerns.

We will instill a feeling of pride, shared responsibility and a positive sense of belonging.

We aim to be prepared for the changing world, forward thinking and able to work collaboratively with other schools.

By maintaining the school ethos, we will ensure that our children, and the whole school community, have the ability to make use of advances in technology. We will continue to develop good partnerships between children, staff, governors and parents.