Tickenham Church of England Primary School

Tickenham Church of England Primary School

Design & Technology @ Tickenham

Design and Technology Intent Statement

At Tickenham, to fulfil our vision of inspiring a generation, we strive to provide children with the creative, technical and practical opportunities to engage successfully in a technological world. Children will their develop design, implementation and critical evaluation skills.  Inspired by real world careers and situations, children are enabled to create a range of structures, mechanisms, textiles, electrical systems and food products with a real-life purpose. Children select appropriately from a range of materials, components and tools according to their qualities and attributes whilst learning to safely use these to inform and develop projects.

Design and Technology Implementation Statement

DT is taught in blocks throughout the year both in class and as whole school projects where the children are able to collaborate in their houses. This helps children to achieve a depth of understanding and immerse themselves in their learning. DT teaching explores the design, make and evaluate cycle. Each part deepening children’s understanding of the technical knowledge and vocabulary. They will be able to talk about the specific skill they are learning. Children will have ownership of their design, giving opportunities to explore their own ideas and imagination. Design should be relevant to real life, giving meaning to learning. During the making element, children will be given a range of tools, materials and components to select from as they move through the school. Children should be able to evaluate their work against design criteria. All elements of this cycle should have consistent reference to technical knowledge and vocabulary. Clear progression will be demonstrated across the key stages.

Design and Technology Impact Statement

To fulfil our vision of inspiring a generation, a Tickenham designer will develop skills and attributes which can be used beyond school and into adulthood. Children will be motivated to build and apply knowledge, understanding and skill in creating their work. Children will recognise the context of their work, then successfully evaluate and critique their own and that of others.  Children will have clear enjoyment and confidence in DT that they will then apply to other areas of the curriculum.

 Progression of Skills DT