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Tickenham Church of England Primary School

Class Pages 

We would like to share with you a brief glimpse into what life is like in each class at Tickenham Church of England Primary School. Although we have a very consistent approach to teaching and learning, we celebrate the fact that every child, class and teacher is unique. 

Willow Class 

Reception/Year 1
In Willow Class, we are explorers, writers, mathematicians, dancers, singers, good friends and super learners! We learn actively, we learn by watching others and we learn by becoming immersed in interesting themes and topics which are linked to our many interests and passions.  Pupil voice, our Learning Gems, our Christian Values and also our British Values are important to us and we refer to these daily. All children can be encouraged to see their role in the bigger picture and we encourage each other to know that everyone is respected and their views and values really do count. We look after each other’s feelings and we take an active role in deciding on class themes and activities.
Our themes for this year include; Why am I incredible? What makes our world wonderful? Land, sea and sky! Where in the world shall we fly?
Year One children are becoming accustomed to their own daily routine which includes a reading, writing and mathematics focus. Although we aim to produce more formal pieces of work for our books on a daily basis, we are delighted that we are also able to access the National Curriculum using our “Discover Curriculum”.  This involves a more ‘hands-on’ approach to learning, to experience ideas within a real-life context or even creating something as a whole group i.e. a model, a play or a song. We absolutely love working alongside the Reception children because we can support them and show them the way and when we explain our thinking to them, that’s when we ourselves consolidate our own learning styles and ideas! Learning through play is so beneficial at any age and we believe that we have struck the perfect balance in Willow Class!
Reception children settled so well into the school year and have already progressed both academically and socially – we strongly believe in the positive development of the whole child. We practise writing our name, our phonics and sounds and our numbers everyday through fun and varied activities. We are also lucky to have a vibrant and well-resourced outside area which is used at all times – whatever the weather!
Please do see our photos to take a glimpse at our wonderful class! 

Oak Class

Year 2/Year 3

Welcome to Oak class.

Take a peek inside our classroom and become immersed in inspiring, challenging and creative learning activities; listen carefully and you will hear us asking questions, thinking deeply and wondering ‘what if…’ as we delve deeper into our discovery curriculum.  Watch as the children support each other and work as a team to create strong bonds and the sense of belonging which underpins all that we do. Our rich, cross-curricular approach allows us to capture our love of learning as we explore topics, ideas and concepts.

Lying at the heart of our learning journey we have the gems which provide our children with the skills to become independent learners for life.  Oak Class are brilliant at using their sapphire power to focus and we embrace our emerald power with a strong belief that school is a place where it is safe to make mistakes and grow!  We reinforce this ethos regularly with Quote of the Week where we share, support and encourage each other to follow the Christian values of the school and to aim high and go for it with our learning!

Oak Class actively embrace a growth mind-set outlook, you will often hear phrases such as ‘I can’t do this…yet’ and ‘mistakes help me to learn better!’ We know that we can achieve anything we set our mind to and developing strategies to cope with setbacks is crucial to our progress. Grit, determination and diamond power at the ready!

Above all we work with a sense of pride, having the highest expectations of the effort we put into our learning – we cannot wait to share our journey with you as we learn, achieve and grow together!



Cedar Class

Year 3/Year 4

Welcome to Cedar Class,

In Cedar Class, no two days are the same! One day you might find us creating dramatic retellings of an Egyptian myth and the next, focusing on how to hold a polite conversation in French or dissecting a tomato! Yet, despite the diverse and exciting range of learning opportunities we squeeze into each day, the golden thread linking them all is the Discovery Curriculum, a cross curricula approach that immerses us into a broad range of topics throughout the year.

We are very aware in Cedar Class that everyone has their own way of working and learning. As a result, sessions always take this into account with independent, paired, group and whole class activities featuring at some point within a normal week in school, as well having an opportunity to take part in lots of ‘hands-on’ style learning tasks.

Growth mindset is extremely important in Cedar Class and we have daily discussions about the power of ‘YET’ and how challenge and mistakes are actually signs that learning is about to take place! It is important to us that we take ourselves out of our comfort zones occasionally, to really experience what we MIGHT be able to achieve if we just give something a go. The Chilli Pepper Challenges help us to do this, encouraging us to self-select tasks that will stretch our thinking that little bit further.

The Learning Gems are also a huge part of our experience in Cedar Class and we enjoy trying our very best to achieve them. We are currently a very creative group of pupils, with many Opal gems being awarded for creativity shown in learning or thinking. We also ensure the Christian Values are at the heart of all that we do, taking the time to consider and discuss them throughout our day, but particularly during Quote of the Day at the start of every morning.

We are hugely excited about keeping you up-to-date on our learning. Watch this space!

Acacia Class

Year 5/Year 6

Welcome to Acacia class!

Acacia class is full of creative, dedicated, engaged and enthused learners who are fully immersed in living their school life the Tickenham way. Our Discovery Curriculum is designed to stimulate and motivate the children, encouraging them to take their own paths and being given the chance to investigate their interests. Each child’s ideas and passions which link to our Discovery Curriculum are welcomed and explored.  This approach to learning works so well as the children often refer to the School’s Christian Values to ensure that they continue to work as the best team that they possibly can. Each morning, we enjoy discussing our Quote of the Day together which we link to our Learning Gems. All of these factors - our Christian Values, Learning Gems and Quote of the Day – all contribute fully to our growth-mindset attitude; the magic word in Acacia class is yet!

Taking ownership over their actions, behaviour, learning and responsibilities is something that the children are strongly encouraged to do in Acacia class. Producing work to the best of their ability, being mindful of deadlines and always being ready to learn are just some of the expectations that the children meet with help from our Learning Gems – we use Topaz and Diamond power to work together to solve any problems we face. In Acacia class, we learn as a team and we grow as a team.