Tickenham Church of England Primary School

Tickenham Church of England Primary School

Class Pages 

We would like to share with you a brief glimpse into what life is like in each class at Tickenham Church of England Primary School. Although we have a very consistent approach to teaching and learning, we celebrate the fact that every child, class and teacher is unique. 

Willow Class 

Welcome to Willow Class – Reception and Year 1

In our lively classroom, you will find us discovering, creating, speaking, explaining, listening, turn taking, exploring, investigating and enjoying the many different learning approaches that we experience each day. We learn actively, we learn by watching others and we learn by becoming immersed in themes and topics which interest us all! Pupil voice, our Learning Gems, our Christian Values and also our British Values are very important to us. We believe that all children can be encouraged to see their role in the bigger picture and we encourage all our friends to know that their views and values really do count. We value each other’s feelings and we take an active role in deciding on class themes for example, ideas for our role play area or which books we would like to read each day.

Year One children are becoming accustomed to their own daily routine which includes a reading, writing and mathematics focus. Although we aim to produce more formal pieces of work for our books on a daily basis, we are delighted that we are also able to access the National Curriculum using our “Tickenham Discovery Ethos”. This involves a more ‘hands-on’ approach to learning, to experience ideas within a real life context or even creating something as a whole group i.e. a model, a play or a song. We absolutely love working alongside the Reception children because we can support them and show them the way and when we explain our thinking to them, that’s when we ourselves consolidate our own learning styles and ideas! Learning through play is so beneficial at any age and we believe that we have struck the perfect balance in Willow Class!

Reception children settled so well into the school year and have already progressed both academically and socially – we strongly believe in the positive development of the whole child. We practise writing our name, our phonics and sounds and our numbers everyday through fun and varied activities. We are also lucky to have a vibrant and well-resourced outside area which is used at all times – whatever the season!

Please do see our photos to take a glimpse at our wonderful class!

Juniper Class

Welcome to Juniper class!

We are a happy, busy class made up of Year 1 and Year 2 children. Our class teacher is Mrs Townsend and our class LSA is Mrs Howarth.

Each of our topics lasts 2 school terms and most of the curriculum for our year groups is taught through the topic. Although some subjects like PE, music, RE and ICT are taught separately.

What a busy year we have had so far! We have been exploring the topic question ‘Who lives in a house like this?’ and this has led to a range of different learning opportunities as we investigate different buildings and materials. We have used a range of stimuli to enhance our learning including stories such as ‘Callum’s Incredible Construction Kit’ by Jonathon Emmett. This inspired us to use different construction equipment to design our own models of buildings. We helped each other to do this, using our Amethyst and Topaz gems. We use lots of different fiction texts to help us develop our creative writing. The story ‘Small Knight and George’ by Ronda Armitage gave us some good narrative ideas and we explored extracts describing ‘Hogwarts’ and ‘Miss Cackle’s Academy’ and looked at different images of castles. We are really proud of the fantastic fantasy writing that we have produced this term linked to our learning.

Juniper class enjoy practical and hands-on learning experiences which are enhanced through school trips and visitors linked to our topics. We use our Diamond gem to problem solve and used this skill when we investigated materials and explored the impact of change on them. We particularly enjoyed the chocolate heating experiment!

In Juniper class we are motivated and enthusiastic learners and we put lots of effort into our home learning challenge to create our own castle models which were displayed in the school hall. Each class came to visit our exhibition so that we had the opportunity to share our learning with them.

In Juniper class we try new things, meet some exciting visitors and go on trips to interesting places. We are really excited about the visit from a fire-fighter linking our buildings topic to learning about ‘The Fire of London’. As well as teaching us about fire safety and keeping safe in the home he will be simulating the fire of London using cardboard box houses. We will also be getting hands on with past buildings and homes when we visit ‘Clara’s Victorian Cottage’ at the North Somerset Museum.

We are a busy class and look forward to all the new learning experiences we will have this year.

Cedar Class

Welcome to Cedar Class,

In Cedar Class we love learning! As part of our Discovery Curriculum, we make sure our learning extremely cross curricula so that we’re fully immersed in our topic learning. We especially love to make our learning as interactive and creative as possible, often working in groups to explore new ideas and tackle learning challenges.

When you’re in our classroom you will see lots of Learning Gems as we use these to help us reflect on the learning skills we’re using. We always try to challenge ourselves in Cedar Class, choosing the right Chilli Pepper Challenge which will stretch our thinking. Using our Growth Mindsets and the power of ‘YET’ in our classroom we focus on our next steps, thinking about using lots of independent learning strategies so that we can say “We can’t do this……. YET!”.  We love supporting each other and celebrating each other’s success especially when we’ve embraced a challenge. The Year 5s take great pleasure in supporting the younger members of the class and explaining their thinking to model effective learning. 

Please keep an eye on our class page as we’re very excited to share our learning with you!

Acacia Class

Welcome to Acacia class! In Acacia class you will find a group of excited, challenged and engaged learners. The class topics and learning journeys are planned to be relevant, stimulating and thought-provoking, and are influenced by the children’s interests and questions on a daily basis. Every child has a voice in this classroom. Chilli Pepper Challenges are incorporated into every activity, ensuring that the children can self-select their own level of challenge, which they do with maturity and confidence. A growth mind-set attitude is at the heart of everything that we do and this is often referred to in our daily quote, alongside quotes that directly support the learning taking place. Mistakes are discussed and explored and we are always finding ways to make learning content memorable and relevant.

In Acacia class, the children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour – being ready for lessons, meeting deadlines and setting the highest of standards in terms of conduct, attitude and work. As a class, our focus is on TEAM: Together everyone achieves more and we work together to make good progress. The school motto underpins everything that we do: to be the best that we can all be. Acacia class is a productive, creative, friendly and receptive environment: children can be themselves and their uniqueness is celebrated and cherished.